How a London male Escort Can Act As the Best Alternative for an Inactive Husband

How a London male Escort Can Act As the Best Alternative for an Inactive Husband

Apart from love and affection, sex is one of the most important parts of a happy and enduring relationship. It is true that men’s capability of making their partner happy with sufficient sexual activities reduces with time but what a woman should do if she finds her husband inactive when she needed him the most.

london male escortsI am a 40-year-old British woman and here I will tell my own story of how I got rid of my inactive husband and how I fulfilled all my hidden desires with hunky London male escorts. I met my husband Stewart fifteen years ago during a cricket match at the iconic Lords stadium in London and started dating him. After spending a year in a live-in relationship, we decided to get married and finally did it two years after our first meeting.

Stewart is an automobile engineer and working for a reputed company, while I was working as a beautician in a spa salon here in London. Everything was fine between us and I was quite satisfied with Stewart’s sexual health. However, before reaching to our 10th marriage anniversary, I witnessed a sharp decrease in Stewart’s sexual activities and whenever I tried to seduce him or lure him for sexual intercourse he somehow avoided my plea.

I often asked Stewart what was wrong with him or if he had some health issues, but he would not give any value to my concern. I then decided to get rid of such things and started to explore other alternatives to fulfil my sexual appetite without disturbing by married life. One of my customers, one day told me that she hires the London male escorts and enjoys time with those hunky men.

The idea stuck in my mind and I decided to go with the option anyhow. I contacted the woman and got the telephone number of the agency. While talking with their customer care executive, I inquired whether I would be able to take the escort out of the city or not. In a reply, the operator said that yes I can take him to another city by paying a bit more.

I booked a hotel in Westminster and provided the details to the escort agency. A day before my date with the escort, I told Stewart that I will have to serve a client by visiting her home in Westminster and I reached the hotel as per as our schedule.

I booked the escort for 12 hours and he came to my hotel room at sharp 7’ O clock in the evening. He was a young man of around 23-25 with a tall figure and killing looks. In order to make the moment more interesting and exotic, I asked him to apply his massage skills to me. He requested me to remove gown and lay naked on the table.

I followed his direction and allowed him to do whatever he wanted to do with me. I laid upside down on the table and he started massaging the whole body with special scented oil. He then requested me to turn front side up and so I did. He then started rubbing boobies and tried to seduce me by fingering on my vagina that gave me a strong sense of arousal.

I could not resist myself as his pleasurable titillation compelled me to drag him down to the bed and bring out his 8-inch cock out from his trousers. I immediately engulfed it in my mouth and watched him enjoying the pleasure.

Despite being a young man, I found him quite experienced and I loved the way he treated me on the bed. We decided to enjoy the rest of the game in bed. He pulled me up on his shoulder and put me down on the bed slowly. He fucked me several times that night and I received such treatment after a long time.

This was my first experience with a male escort and I will never forget the treatment I received from the man sent by the agency. However, I still hire London male escorts and enjoy their service secretly.   

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