Male companion jobs and the economy

Male companion jobs and the economy

male companionsGlobally, the economy is not doing very well. Many countries are in debt. Some countries are having a tough time meeting their budget funding. Companies are retrenching because of production cut occasioned by a cut in demand. One sector that seems to be doing well amidst the entire economic trauma is male companion jobs.  Reports have shown that major events tend to lead to a rise in dating and demand for male companions. For example, after the 9/11 attack, there was a sharp rise in the number of people that signed up for online dating – 37% according to many reports. Similar rise was recorded when Donald Trump won the election as the United States president. Such tremors make people want to come together, to find solace.

The demand for male companion jobs has suddenly spiked to meet the demand in male companions. What I love the most about male companion jobs is that it’s more like having fun and getting paid for doing what you love. it is not like male companion jobs are less stressful and demanding than other jobs. Please take that misconception out of your mind. Male companion jobs have their ups and downs too. That male companion jobs are not affected by the economy does not mean that they are not affected by a whole lot of other factors. For example, there are some clients that are just insatiable. I was with such a client recently and if not that I am a professional, I would have walked away. She kept on making one demand after another, nagging in a terrible way. Such experiences account for why many young guys have bluntly refused to take up male companion jobs because many male companions will always skip the good news and dwell on the bad – but you know that dwelling on the negative would be limiting your experience.

You should not also forget that whenever the economy is bad, it does not really mean that everyone is suffering, it simply means that the margin between the rich and the poor is widening. There is one trend that I have noticed among women that happen to have continued over the seven years that I have been working with them now. The trend is that once women get richer, they become more frivolous in their spending. I am not trying to insult the female folks or belittle our clients, I am just stating a product of my observation and I would excuse anyone to differ. Before I got into male companion jobs, I had made contact with a few male companions. I contemplated taking up male companion jobs or male escorts and needed a clarification. It was in the process that I learned that most of my clients, if I should settle for male companion jobs, would be older successful women who are ready to spend. Male escorts are always busy, but with younger girls who just want to have fun. The sound of successful women made me stick with male companion jobs.

Like I said, I have been here for more than seven years and the trend has remained the same. So, even when the economy is bad, some women are really hitting it big and would still come for you. Why male companion jobs are more lucrative than the rest of the male-anything jobs is because when you take up male companion jobs, your worry would not be how many clients you get. A few clients are enough and you are equal – or even more than – other male-anything jobs. Hence, it is hard to use the state of the economy to monitor the trend male companion jobs are taking – it can be possible anyways because they mostly go in opposite direction and at other times, it is not just possible to predict. Male companion jobs are even getting harder to get because many young guys have flooded the industry upon discovery of how interesting and lucrative it is. My worry, however, is that I don’t know how many of them would still be there in five years. I sat with one elderly male companion that allayed his fears of how he thinks male companion jobs would become irrelevant in a decade’s time and I think he had a strong point.

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